Levels to this shit

When I first saw this carved into some wood at a more than welcome gentlemens house I thought I had complete understanding of what it meant. Well now a year and some months later I’m aware that’s a bit more universal than I first thought. At the time I thought that it meant in each household we have roles. That in order to make things run smoothe each member must obtain a position in which only if done properly you would gain more privilege and more importantly you were a bit more free in choices within the household. Which in any American family this is so as children we have chores and responsibilities and such. But now looking at it from a different perspective it holds true to anything in our lives, society rank , religious beliefs and just an over all simple understanding to life.. but to be more direct those gifted can never forget this. Words to live by.

Published by Aprilj Smith

Finally able to live after 41 years of surviving.

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