A memory and an answer

I’ve carried around a picture for what seems like forever of who is supposed to be my father. And after moving to barnsdall Oklahoma I find out that he lives only two streets away. So last week I walked over and knocked on his door but no answer. Today his door was open so I knocked and was welcomed in.. I felt like a nervous kid in school doing a report in front of the class. He was happy to receive the picture because all of the ones he had had gotten burnt. He asked me to sit down and I explained that I was told he is my father. I had to excuse myself for a moment to fight back the tears. The moment I had dreamed of for years was happening and I had lost all things to say. I had to pull it together and we left it at he knew my mom very well and I was welcomed back anytime. And he thanked me for his picture we hugged and I took the deepest breath in hoping that his smell may still be in my mind somewhere and if it wasn’t I sure was putting it there. So excited to start these new adventure with the desperate questions to where I belong has finally seemed to answer itself

Published by Aprilj Smith

Finally able to live after 41 years of surviving.

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