Endure the adventure to ease the pain

I keep myself pretty busy with my photos and survey to not only load my PayPal but to have moments of clarity and beauty to share with my daughter. We have been apart almost a year now for the first time in 16 years. And if it were due to crime or drugs I would say it was well deserved. But we have court for guardian ship to be dismissed from a mother whom out of hate and vengeance has kept us apart. If I would have known that before brain surgery I would have never signed those papers. I hope that this July the court will see that all has been over dramatized and used as a poor me situation. And that my daughter beat interest is to be with her mother who wants her and wants to care for her instead of a weapon of war. I can only seek happiness through my pictures to help ease my daughter suffering and my longing to be able to protect and provide for her.

Those steps of Justice that failed us last year

Published by Aprilj Smith

Finally able to live after 41 years of surviving.

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