out cold

We seem to be in the middle of a fairly sustained cold snap in our part of Scotland. Icy days have been followed by snowy ones, with bitter temperatures and freezing fog. I personally like quite chilly weather, and particularly enjoy its transformative effect on my surrounding landscape. During a cold spell, everything starts to […]

out cold

A Simple Hello: Ms. Bean Goes For A Car Ride AND Returns To Blogging

~ ~ • ~ ~ A few days before Christmas Day I realized I hadn’t driven my car in over a month. How very 2020 is that, I ask you? ~ • ~ To remedy this situation I decided that we, that being Zen-Den and I, would go for a car ride to make sure that […]

A Simple Hello: Ms. Bean Goes For A Car Ride AND Returns To Blogging

Saturday chill

Today was the most chill day full of nothing but tv, food and a trip to hard rock casino. Made me realize that sometimes pain has to take place in order to find healing an be someones comfort that will reassure them that no matter what happens your friendship wont leave.

I. Excited to move to broken arrow i feel it is much needed on both mine and carol end and kailee will be comfortable

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